Hydro 2 Oil Massage Oil - Warm Up Oil

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H2OWUM 1 Litre $20.90
H2OWUL 5 Litre $69.00

Hydro 2 Oil Athletic Massage Oil – Warm Up

Warm Up Athletic Massage Oil is scientifically formulated to assist in the preparation and recovery of the muscles before and after exercise. The combination of heat and massage helps to loosen and warm up muscles and soft tissue while stimulating blood circulation to prevent Injury. Wintergreen properties produce heat immediately after application, with a sensation of warmth being maintained throughout the performance. Ideal for use on athletes before strenuous exercise.

  • 100% Water Dispersible
  • Superior slip and glide for deep massage
  • Cleans easily from towels

Especially blended for Professional Massage Therapists and Athletes, Hydro 2 Oil Is made from 100% natural vegetable oils to provide a soothing massage that nourishes the skin leaving it feeling silky soft.

Instructions for fixing the tap for 5L & 10L

Take a butter knife or teaspoon with a flat edge and gently put it into the small slot on the top of the lid and turn LEFT to unlock the thread/screw Unwind the screw to remove. Replace with the pump.

NB: Be sure to always turn LEFT. Turning the screw right too hard If you turn right to hard, the thread can be broken so always turn to the LEFT.

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