Thumboform Thumb Support

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The Thumboform thumb support comes with a moldable insert. It stabilises the CMC and MCP Joint of the thumb. It is indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, or for support after injury. Materials consist of neoprene, polyamide jersey, Turbocast (mouldable splint).

Instructions for applying the support

  • 1) Place the plastic insert in the pocket
  • 2) Pour hot water (approximately 75°) into the pocket, wait until the plastic is moldable, dry with a towel.
  • 3) Apply the brace and close the velcro carefully. Mold the plastic and wait until it gets stiff. Let dry and the brace is ready to use.
  • 4) Apply the brace, close the Velcro and adjust the thumb grip.

Measure wrist circumference

Left Extra Small 14.5cm - 15.5cm
Left Small 15.5cm - 17.0cm
Left Medium 17.0cm - 18.5cm
Left Large 18.5cm - 20.0cm
Left Extra Large 20.0cm - 22.0cm
Right Extra Small 14.5cm - 15.5cm
Right Small 15.5cm - 17.0cm
Right Medium 17.0cm - 18.5cm
Right Large 18.5cm - 20.0cm
Right Extra Large 20.0cm - 22.0cm
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