Thermoskin Shoulder Brace with V-Stabiliser (One size)

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Special Price $87.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
  • The most versatile shoulder brace
  • ONLY ONE SIZE - swap the strap and fit to either side. Adjust to fit. No measurement required
  • Provides warmth & stability

Protection, warmth and support for weak or injured shoulders

  • Low profile design with adjustable arm and chest straps for greater comfort
  • Breathable and moisture wicking
  • Clinically validated

Thermoskin® Adjustable Shoulder Stabiliser with Harness provides protection, warmth and support for shoulder instability, arthritis or tendon. The Thermoskin® Adjustable Shoulder Stabiliser has a cutaway design and the customised straps contour to either shoulder. The Thermoskin® Adjustable Shoulder Stabiliser features a customisable V-Stability System, which provides extra support and stability. The removable V-Stability System is a versatile product suiting different needs and stages of shoulder rehabilitation.

One size to fit all

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