Thermoskin Knee Sleeve Open Patella

Item Code
Sku Size Colour RRP Qty
TS209-XS X-Small Beige $42.50
TS209-XL X-Large Beige $42.50
TS209-SL Small Beige $42.50
TS209-MD Medium Beige $42.50
TS209-LG Large Beige $42.50
TS209-2X XX-Large Beige $42.50

Anatomically shaped, the Knee Patella allows more flexibility around the kneecap. As the kneecap is free from compression, any tenderness or bruising that may be present on the kneecap itself will not be aggravated. Is useful in the treatment of patella dislocation, chrondomalacia patella and Osgood Schlatter’s disease.

Support Level: Moderate / Warmth Level: Moderate

Trioxon Advantage

Exclusive 3 dimensional lining that provides insulation and wicking of moisture via air circulation. This allows the skin to remain well oxygenated and comfortable for extended periods.

  • Promotion of increased blood flow facilitates enhanced recovery
  • Provides light but firm compression to counter act tissue swelling
  • Clinically tested to increase the skin and muscle temperature
  • Provides temporary relief from pain/soreness associated with sports injuries, arthritis and RSI
  • Increases elasticity and reactivity of the muscle
  • Proprioception (support): implies perception of correct body position

Measure slightly bent, underneath knee cap

cm Inches
XS 28.5-31.5 11 1/4 - 12 1/2
Small 31.5-33.5cm 12 1/2 - 13 1/4
Medium 33.5-36.5cm 13 1/4 - 14 1/4
Large 36.5-39.5cm 14 1/4 - 15 1/2
X-Large 39.5-41cm 15 1/2 - 16 1/4
XX-Large 41-43cm 16 1/4 - 17
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