Therapy Thumb Saver

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The therapy thumb is designed for therapist use for spinal mobilisation and trigger point pressure application. It reduces loading on the therapist's thumb, therefore decreasing the risk of arthritis (as is often the case with any good manual therapist).

The therapy thumb can also be used for patient self-mobilistion of the cervical spine (once taught by the therapist). It is much more effective than self-mobilisation using your own fingers as greater pressure can be applied with the device and the neck muscles remain relaxed. Correct use of the therapy thumb can reduce the frequency and intensity of cervico-genic headaches and other musculoskeletal disorders of the neck.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle with antibacterial & anti-slip padding
  • 2 interchangeable tip sizes for improved application

Reduces compression in the thumb when mobilising the spine and when performing trigger point work, deep frictions, etc.

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