Wheat & Lupin Packs

  1. Comffit Lupin Heat Pack Quickview
    Comffit Lupin Heat Pack
    Special Price $26.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Includes unique microwave-safe zip & washable black corduroy outer bag
  2. Heat Wheat Therapeutic Collar Quickview
    Heat Wheat Therapeutic Collar

    Starting at $45.50

    • Sits comfortably and entirely around the neck and shoulders
  3. Heat Wheat Physio Pad Quickview
    Heat Wheat Physio Pad

    Starting at $57.50

    • The large Physio Pad covers most of the back & is popular with health professionals in their clinics
  4. Heat Wheat Neck Warmer Quickview
    Heat Wheat Neck Warmer
    Special Price $48.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Fits Snugly and comfortably around the neck up to the hair line
  5. Heat Wheat Back Support Wrap Quickview
    Heat Wheat Back Support Wrap

    Starting at $67.50

    • Comfortable to wear as a brace and to use as a support cushion
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