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Therapod Back Support
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The Therapod is a fully adjustable back support insert engineered for the human spine.

It is recommended for those suffering from:

  • Low back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Post Spinal surgery pain
  • Various spinal disc conditions
  • Sciatica
  • Discomfort associated with prolonged computer work.

The Therapod is available in two models: The High Back and the Standard Back. It has a unique shell shaped structure with air circulation vents. The shell design fits any seat and is finished with a cover of high grade urethane, upholstered in a soft and durable fabric.

One of the features of the Therapod is the design which makes it suitable for all types of automobile seats and many office chairs. The elastic property of the adjustable straps provides comfort and relieves the jolts and jarring motions of traveling.

Why choose Therapod?

When designing and manufacturing our office seating, the emphasis has been on the creation of chairs which provide orthopaedically-correct back support, comfort and durability. Only the Therapod posture support system provides users with total contact back support.

It is no longer enough for seating to be selected purely on what it looks like, or on price. The prime focus should be on the wellbeing of the user, to prevent back issues from occurring and to provide as much comfort and support in cases where there is an existing back issue.

From the perspective of the employer, a sound investment in ergonomic seating helps prevent workers from suffering posture related injuries, which ultimately boosts productivity, profit and staff satisfaction.Studies highlight that back-related absenteeism runs only second to the common cold in the office environment.

Inside each Therapod chair is an adjustable strapping system that maintains full support of the back, regardless of the seated position. This unique design, which was developed in Australia by a health professional, targets three key areas of the back.

  • The uppermost strap provides support to the thoracic region.
  • The central straps give optimized lumbar support and the lower strap supports the sacrum.
  • The Therapod back ‘shell’ has been profiled to follow the back shape of the user, cradling them in a protective manner.

The Therapod ‘shell’ is highly dynamic, which means that – as the user moves back and forth throughout their working environment, the Therapod chair moves with them and provides 100% support – not resistance. In designing Therapod, it is understood that back shapes differ from person to person, as do working environments, and work processes. In using a Therapod, there is the capability to maintain total contact, whilst performing a wide range of functions and operations, no matter the height, weight and shape of the person using the product.

Therapod…the world’s most adjustable chair support…

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4170 Standard 450mm 600mm
4171 High Back 450mm 770mm
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