The Knob Massage Trigger Point Tool

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Do you suffer from constant back pain?

Do you have relentless ITB/TFL pain?

Is your plantar fascia/arch giving your agony?

The Knob is the best tool for providing trigger point massage on yourself. You can get real pain relief for:

  • Upper/Lower back pain
  • Hip pain/tightness
  • Glute tightness
  • TFL/ITB syndrome
  • Arch pain
  • Hamstring tightness

What is it?

Muscle need regular maintenance to keep you performing at your peek. Seeing a therapist helps to relieve this tension and fatigue. But what are you doing between treatments to aid recovery? The Knob is designed to target trigger points in the body; the nodules on The Knob reproduce the action of thumbs and elbows used by your practitioner to release muscle tightness at its source. By locating and releasing the source of the pain you can relieve the tight muscle and the painful area.

Why The Knob?

If you have ever tried using a tennis or golf ball for relief, you'll love The Knob. The Knob is superior to a ball because it has a stable base and nodule dimensions that replicate your practitioners thumbs and elbows. Unlike plastic tools, the 100% solid rubber design offers flex, but will not deflate like a tennis ball. The Knob is unlike other tools on the market which are too hard or have irregular points which make them hard to use. It will last a lifetime and actually works.

The Knob is fantastic for people who:

  • Sit at a desk all day
  • Are physically active
  • Do manual work
  • Sit in a car all day

Benefits of using The Knob

  • Helps alleviate pain by relieving muscle tension and stiffness
  • Helps relieve stress - aids in relaxation
  • Reduces muscle spasms
  • Provides greater joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhances athletic performance


Release ITB/TFL by releasing trigger points located in hips.


Ease Back pain by releasing trigger points from your lower / upper back


Release Gluteus/Hip by releasing muscles around gluteus max.


Release hamstrings by targeting the insertion trigger points


The KnoB is also a self-massage tool.


Plantar Fascia can be released and massaged using the KnoB.

How to use The Knob

The Knob can alleviate tightness and pain in your muscles in four easy steps

  • 1. Locate trigger points of pain

    On a flat firm surface locate the point you wish to relieve and place The Knob between you and the floor. If its your first time with self massage start on a mattress. Ask your heath professional to help you locate trigger points. Your hips and glutes are a great place to start for back pain, ITB tightness and loosening your hips and glutes.

  • 2. Position The Knob on afflicted area

    Once you have positioned The Knob in the area you wish to relieve let your body weight settle onto The Knob so that the pressure is transferred to the points that need attention. The trigger point will feel like a sharp pain or a dull ache when The Knob is applied. The pain will decrease as the muscle releases.

  • 3. Apply pressure for approximately 30-60 seconds

    Work on one trigger point at a time. Move onto additional muscles around that point to release the whole area.

  • 4. Stretch the muscle of the area that is affected

    By stretching and applying heat to the area will help assist the self-massage therapy. Finally, remember to use The Knob often; the more frequent your massages, the more beneficial the results.

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