Talar Made

  1. Talar Made 4-Kids Quickview
    Talar Made 4-Kids

    Starting at $39.50

    • Designed to prevent excessive lowering of the arch in children's feet and to maintain the heel in a vertical position
  2. Talar Made Metatarsal Raise Quickview
    Talar Made Metatarsal Raise

    Starting at $24.90

    • A solution for patients suffering from a range of forefoot conditions
  3. Talar Made Heel Lifts Quickview
    Talar Made Heel Lifts

    Starting at $24.00

    • Can help reduce the stress on the achilles tendon and relieve pain
  4. Talar Made Orthotics Quickview
    Talar Made Orthotics
    • A full length & ¾ length orthotic designed for all types of athletic footwear, work shoes, boots &hiking shoes
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