Talar Made Metatarsal Raise

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Talar Made metatarsal domes offer a solution for patients suffering from forefoot conditions including Metatarsalgia, Interdigital Neuritis and Morton's Neuroma, by lifting and supporting the metatarsals.


Place the metatarsal domes on top of the orthotic in the centre of the device, slightly posteriorly to the metatarsal heads. Use either a small, medium, or large dome, depending on the size of the orthotic device. The metatarsal domes are made of a soft yet supportive density EVA for both effectiveness and comfort. A strong peel-away adhesive will keep this addition in place.


  • Traditional metatarsal dome in A30 shore EVA
  • 2 methods of fixation
  • Microgrip secure but adjustable fixation on microfibre top covers, which allows repositioning of pad without slippage.
  • Self-adhesive for use on vinyls, plastics, composites, foams and directly into footwear
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