Superfeet Copper (DMP)

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SFCOP-B B $59.00
SFCOP-C C $59.00
SFCOP-D D $59.00
SFCOP-E E $59.00
SFCOP-F F $59.00
SFCOP-G G $59.00


Simply wear the Superfeet COPPER insoles to create perfect impressions of your feet – no casting or baking required. The memory foam captures the shape from the pressure of your foot while you stand, walk or run through the day. The COPPER offer the most flexible and accommodating shape and support.


Superfeet insoles help adapt the flat midsole of the footwear to your foot. The three foam layers work together to capture an impression of your foot, while the distinct Superfeet shape and structured heel cup help to stabilize the foot and provide support.


  • STABILISER CAP: Reinforced rearfoot of the cap provides structure and support to the closed- cell foam layers.
  • HEEL CUP: Features the most accommodating heel cup and can help position the heel to naturally absorb impact.
  • BIO-MECHANICAL SHAPE: The flexible, accommodating shape provides bio-mechanical support to all foot types and can help reduce stress on feet, ankles and knees.
  • MEMORY FOAM TOP LAYER: Pressure-sensitive foam that captures the shape of the foot.
  • POLYURETHANE FOAM MIDDLE LAYER: Provides comfort and stability.
  • DURABLE BOTTOM LAYER: Maintains shape and support.
  • ORGANIC, ODOUR-CONTROL COATING: All natural coating that eliminates odour-causing bacteria.
  • Superfeet COPPER insoles are vegan and free of latex, nickel sulphate, formaldehyde and preservatives.

About the Memory Foam

The pressure-sensitive memory foam material may have marks and impressions from packaging and shipping. Don’t worry – once you use the insoles, the memory foam will forget everything but the shape of your foot.

FIT PROFILE: Low-profile/High-volume

INSOLE PROFILE: Superfeet COPPER are low-profile insoles that offer the most flexible and accommodating shape and support.

FITS BEST IN: Superfeet COPPER fit high-volume athletic, casual and dress footwear with removable factory insoles.

Size US Mens US Womens
B - 4½ - 6
C 5½ - 7 6½ - 8
D 7½ - 9 8½ - 10
E 9½ - 11 10½ - 12
F 11½ - 13 -
G 13½ - 15 -
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