Dukal Silflex Sterile Silicon Wound Contact Layer

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DUCR3924 5 x 6" / 12 x 15cm Box 10 $69.50
DUCR3923 5 x 6" / 12 x 15cm Box 10 $69.50
  • An atraumatic, soft silicone wound contact layer designed to prevent secondary dressings adhering to fragile skin and delicate wound beds
  • Pain free removal, adheres to healthy tissue and not the secondary dressing
  • Large open pores allow the passage of exudate
  • Can be used in conjunction with Topical Negative Pressure
  • Highly conformable and can be cut to size
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Sold in boxes of 10 sheets

Why soft silicone?

Pain at dressing change is a major issue within wound care. Traditional adhesives can damage newly formed tissue or surrounding skin delaying healing and causing pain to the patient

Traditional adhesive dressings

  • Traditional adhesives easily damage or strip these cells when removed
  • Unflexible by nature they touch only the highest points of the skins surface, therefore they fix more strongly to small areas
  • Almost impossible to reposition once applied

    Soft silicone dressings

  • Gently adheres to the dry skin but not to a moist wound
  • The gentle adhesion prevents skin stripping and damage to healthy tissue at dressing change
  • Allows for easy, pain free removal minimising patient stress and discomfort


The treatment of burn wounds is complex and the correct dressing selection can have a huge impact on the time taken for the wound to heal. With correct management, dressings can speed up the healing process and prevent the formation of problematic scars

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