Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EABs)

Elastic Adhesive Bandages (EABs)

  1. Multifit EAB StretchBand Quickview
    Multifit EAB StretchBand

    Starting at $4.10

    • High grade premium performance elastic adhesive bandage offering strong elastic support for joints
  2. Elastoband Lite EAB Tan Quickview
    Elastoband Lite EAB Tan

    Starting at $79.50

    • Plaster style bandage is indicated for general support and compression bandaging and overwrapping rigid sportstape
  3. Leukoband EAB Beige Quickview
    Leukoband EAB Beige

    Starting at $76.00

    • An elastic adhesive bandage used for the compression and support of muscles and joints
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