Incentive Spirometer

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Our Incentive Deep Breathing Exerciser has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging a slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI).

A Sustained Maximal Inspiration is vitally important for general well-being.

Deep breaths expand the small air sacs in the lungs and help clear the air passages of mucus.

This, in turn, help prevent the build up of fluid in the lungs.


  • Three colour-coded balls in each chamber provide a visual incentive for patients.
  • Air will enter each chamber and raise the balls depending on the flow of air inhaled per second.
  • The whole set includes EVA tubing, Mouth Piece, Tri-Ball Incentive Spirometer.
  • Single-patient use to minimize the risk of cross contamination.


  • 12 mm OD Connector
  • 31cm Flex Tube
  • Flow Rates: 600 mL/sec, 900 mL/sec, 1200 mL/sec
  • Material: AS for chamber, PE for ball and mouthpiece, and EVA for tubing
  • Pink, yellow and green colours for three balls
  • Weight: 150 grams
  • Measurement: 135 x 135 x 70mm
  • Latex Free
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