Seirin Needles J-Type

Item Code
Sku Size (needles) RRP Qty
SJ-0300-20 30mm x 0.20 $22.00
SJ-0300-25 30mm x 0.25 $22.00
SJ-0300-30 30mm x 0.30 $22.00
SJ-0400-25 40mm x 0.25 $22.00
SJ-0400-30 40mm x 0.30 $22.00
SJ-0500-25 50mm x 0.25 $22.00
SJ-0500-30 50mm x 0.30 $22.00
PALCPRE Alcohol swabs Box 200 $6.50
844314 Sharps Container - 1.4L $7.90
FREESHARP Sharps Container - 1.4L (FREE with 16+ boxes) $7.90
FREEWIPES Alcohol swabs Box 200 (FREE with 16+ boxes) $6.50

The SEIRIN J Type is made with a new technology that allows for smooth painless insertion using less pressure, and features an easy grip, color coded, lightweight 2.0 x 20mm plastic handle with a soft-touch top. J Type is the most popular SEIRIN needle.

Dark Green (0.12mm), Lime Green (0.14mm) and Red (0.16mm) are ideal for face, ear and other superficial acupuncture points.

The shorter length 15mm SEIRIN D Type needles do not include insertion tubes and are more suitable for ear and hand points or any acupuncture points which use simple one-hand insertion techniques.

The D Type features a colour coded, lightweight 2.0 x 20mm pipe type plastic handle.

Box of 100 sterile, disposable needles.

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