Dr Med Rigid Lumbar Sacro Orthosis 033

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The Dr Med Rigid Lumbar Sacral Orthoses is a premium quality back brace enabling you to apply posterior reinforcement on the lumbar-sacral region and increasing intra-abdominal pressure indicated but not limited to the folowing conditions:

  • Disc Herniation & Degeneration (Slipped disc)
  • Osteoporosis (Gradual bone disintegration)
  • Acute Lumbar Sacral Sprain & Strain
  • Spondylolisthesis (Vertebral dislocation)
  • Spondyloysis & Spondylitis
  • Discopathy
  • Pre & Post-surgical treatment


  • The suggested replacement for our popular 'Sacro Cinch' Brace!
  • 4 spinal shaped Stainless steel stays
  • Extra firm compression can be achieved by re-adjusting the cinch straps
  • Height 32cm (12.5") rear, 20cm belt size
  • Comfortable & breathable ventilated material
  • A deluxe, effective brace without the high price tag


  • Position the brace over your back so that the curved edge is at the bottom, and the flat edge at the top. The bottom of the brace should cover your hips and the top of your buttocks.
  • Detatch the top velcro straps so that they hang loose
  • With one hand, pull the main strap so that the elastic is stretched, across your body and anchor it as far as it will go
  • Important: to achieve maximum compression, pull the outer straps away from your body in front of your torso until tight. Then pull the straps across your body & fasten in place (ref diagram)

Shaped stays

Sacroiliac and lumbosacral belts are back braces that treat pain in the lumbar spine and sacrum. If you have low back pain, your therapist may recommend one of these spinal supports. Always consult your doctor about your medical conditions or back problem.

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XXXL  105 - 113
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