Relievamed Joint & Muscle Rub

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Choose Relievamed for your muscular aches & pains:

 Contains no harsh chemicals or drugs
 Deep Penetrating
 Goes to Work Instantly
 Australian Made and Owned

Relievamed Contains natural ingredients based on scientific and clinical evidence. A plant based formula with natural extracts and oils that helps give relief during muscle and joint massage. Feel a gentle warmth and relief once you apply Relievamed.

Relievamed should be your first choice, because it works.

Information for Allied Health clinics

Why choose Relievamed as your in-store cream?

      • Your retail price is protected
        unlike another popular topical rub, Relievamed is not sold in big discount chemist and grocery stores. Nor is it subject to online discounters
      • Excellent markup %
        Based on the recommended retail price (RRP)
      • Exclusive unique ingredient
        Curcuma xanthorrhiza (Javanese turmeric - 8-10 times more potent than Curcuma longa)
      • Ultra-pure natural active ingredients
        Purified by supercritical fluid extraction technology
  • Complex formulation
    Multiple actives that work together
  • Good for skin
    Hydrating and does not leave skin greasy
  • Use for Massage
    Has good 'workability' for use in clinic treatments
  • Pleasant scent
    Compared with the menthol based creams that often have strong 'sports change-room' smell, Relievamed features a very pleasing aroma including cloves, cinnamon, and flower extracts. Thus Relievamed is a more pleasant choice for workplaces and in close proximity to others.
  • Warming, but not hot
    A gentle warmth, not a burning sensation
  • Scientifically backed active ingredients
    Topical analgesic, all natural plant based formula

Relief For Your Joints & Muscles

The natural ingredients in Relievamed® are specifically formulated to help with:

 Joint tension
 Sports Activities
 Lower Back issues
 Overuse of Joints and Muscles

Improve movement & Quality of Life

Formulated to help you live a more mobile life.

The ingredients in Relievamed help calm your joints and muscles. The relief from Relievamed will help increase your mobility allowing you to move through the day.

Relievamed® also works well to improve performance during workouts and sports activities. Relievamed® users report quicker recovery results or less soreness and discomfort following muscle challenge and intense physical activity. All Natural

Relievamed does not contain any harsh, synthetic chemicals and is your alternative drug-free product.

It contains a powerful formula with the combination of key ingredients such as:

 Curcuma xanthorrhiza
 Boswellia serrata
 Arnica montana
 Chili extract

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