Rehabilitating Groin Strains using the Freeform Board

General Principles in Treating Groin Strains

Clinical Application of the freeFORM Board to Adductor Strains

The FreeFORM Board allows for supported, low load, range of motion exercises for the joints to facilitate;

  • Smooth, low fiction facilitated movement without restriction
  • Low load and small range of motion can movements where load and ROM can be increased incrementally
  • Activation of the joint stabalisers, proprioceptors and the enhancement of motor control
  • Increased soft tissue extensibility for overuse issues, injury recovery or post-surgery recovery
  • Improvement of joint mechanics
  • Improved peripheral circulation and the corresponding flushing of inflammatory hormones


Watch the video below for limitless possibilities using the FreeForm Board to rehabilitate groin and lower extremity adductor muscles

Sample Adductor Range of Motion and Load Progressions

  • Begin with low load, stable and small range of motion movements
  • Gradually increase range and introduce load
  • Progress from stable floor exercises to upright functional movements
  • Add eccentrically focused movements
  • Introduce speed and explosive movements

What is a freeFORM Board?

The freeFORM Board is an innovative device that supports unrestricted movement. The freeFORM Board is unrestricted in its direction and range of motion. It acts as a natural extension of the body as it supports organic multi-planer movement of all major joints through all safe ranges of motion.

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