Red Coral Myotech Needles

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Sku Size (needles) RRP Qty
RCM-0300-18 30mm x 0.18 $19.90
RCM-0300-25 30mm x 0.25 $19.90
RCM-0300-30 30mm x 0.30 $19.90
RCM-0400-25 40mm x 0.25 $19.90
RCM-0400-30 40mm x 0.30 $19.90
RCM-0500-25 50mm x 0.25 $19.90
RCM-0500-30 50mm x 0.30 $19.90
RCM-0700-30 75mm 0.30 $19.90
PALCPRE Alcohol swabs Box 200 $6.50
844314 Sharps Container - 1.4L $7.90
FREESHARP Sharps Container - 1.4L (FREE with 10+ boxes) $0.00
FREEWIPES Alcohol swabs Box 200 (FREE with 10+ boxes) $0.00

Myotech has been developed with direct consultation from medical, health and rehabilitation industry professionals with over 30 years experience. After years of research and development the long awaited Myotech Dry Needle joins the Red Coral family as the next best tool available. We continue to work with our teams in developing and innovating thoughtful products that work within the realms of the methodologies for you.

Myotech is simply the strongest needle on the market and is used by clinicians for dry needling. It not only feels better for the clinicians but for the patients as well since it's pain free. It's the only needle on the market that exists for dry needling, and the only one made with german steel.

Why use Myotech?

  • 1.Using Myotech sets you apart from acupuncture. You are using the latest dry needling technology.
  • 2. What makes it a dry needle? Our dry needles are made with german surgical stainless steel and have a thicker handle, making them stronger and easier to get into the muscle. The myotech dry needles have a stronger feeling to them and are designed with the patient in mind. The dry needling practice has been around for over 60 years and we continue to evolve our products as the science and techniques evolve.
  • 3. How much does it cost? Myotech is under a $1 under a treatment for the clinician based on a typical DN treatment
  • 4. What's the difference to an acupuncture needle? The grip designed for trigger point therapy, it allows leverage and dexterity
  • 5. What sizes are available? 0.18 x 30mm; 0.25 x 30mm, 40mm, 50mm; and 0.30 x 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 70mm
  • 6. What is parylene? Parylene is a thin coating applied to the needle for smoother insertion in the muscle for comfort
  • 7. Is the coating on the myotech needle safe? Parylene is the most bio-accepted coating for stents, defibrillators, pacemakers and other devices permanently implanted into the body.


  • High grade German surgical steel
  • Parylene coated needle body for maximum comfortability upon insertion
  • Thicker handle with improved grip allowing better dexterity when needling
  • Myotech enables a deeper penetration and is smooth to insert
  • Australian designed and owned

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