Push Medical Knee Brace

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 Key Benefits

High Level of medio-lateral support to aid in pain management, assist the loading capacity of the joint and twisting of the knee. Treats post-operative, secondary prevention and arthritis of the joint.

  • This brace is a thin, comfortable material with silicone inserts for better proprioception and adhesion to the skin, it won't slip or slide.
  • It allows normal walking by not hindering the flexion and extension of the knee.

The Push Med Knee provides substantial support for the knee joint in the medio-lateral direction. The knee is supported by two non-axial leaf spring hinges that follow the natural rotation movements of the knee in a unique way. This means that flexion and extension of the knee are not hindered. The band construction ensures that the hinges remain close to the joint.

 How does the PUSH MED Knee Brace differ from others?

The hinge on this knee brace doesn't compare to those with a central axis like other hinged knee braces. The unique leaf spring hinges on PUSH MED Knee Brace can bend on any axis, so the knee can bend freely on any angle whilst still maintaining medio-lateral stability.

Contrast with Central Axis Hinges

  • Hinge bends on any axis following the natural rotation of the knee
  • Hinge aids in proprioception of the knee joint, no mechanical feel
  • Hinge promotes active movement of knee joint whilst assisting loading capacity

Remains Functional during use

Our Med Knee is designed not to slip, however if it were to slip or not worn in line with the patella, the hinges would still provide full rotation. The advantages of this hinge is that it can bend on any axis allowing full flexion and extension, which is unique to most hinges that only have a central axis.

A central axis may still provide full flexion and extension, but the PUSH Med Knee is designed to feel more fluent with the joint and less mechanical.


SympressT Technology

The brace is made of SympressT, SympressT stands for Sympathetic Compression. A lining that is so typical to Push braces is a micro-fibre with many beneficial properties:

  • Firstly, its soft touch is unrivalled, giving the user a comfortable, protected feeling.
  • Secondly, the excellent moisture wicking properties of this micro-fibre keep the skin dry.
  • Thirdly, its elasticity and minimal thickness make it an ideal combination with other materials:
    • SympressT with Lycra guarantees an evenly distributed compression as well as a good fit.
    • SympressT used in combination with foams creates so-called comfort zones on sensitive locations.
    • SympressT with silicone inlays ensures good adhesion to the skin whilst encouraging proprioception.

The Push Medical knees superior anatomical fit and silicone application mean that the position of the brace is always maintained, even whilst moving around. Thanks to its slim design and construction this brace can be worn discretely under clothing without being noticed.

Instructional video

The Push Med Knee Brace offers the highest level of valgus and varus support for the collateral ligaments and protection for the knee in this type of brace and price range. It is a functional high quality brace ideal for protection of the knee and its supporting structures, soft tissues and ligaments. It can be used as a functional sports brace or in the active working environment for those requiring moderate to high levels of support in a semi-stable or injured joint.

At the patello-femoral joint. The silicone implants stimulate proprioception of the knee helping the wearer to anticipate imminent trauma.


  • Arthrosis with hydrops
  • Rheumatoid arthritis with synovitis
  • Functional instability after collateral ligament trama
  • Residual instability after collateral ligament trauma
  • Late follow-up treatment after ligament surgery

Measured as the circumference around the top of the calf and below the knee cap,

1 28-31cm
2 31-34cm
3 34-37cm
4 37-41cm
5 41-45cm

Fits Left or Right.

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