Hydro 2 Oil Grip 'n' Glide Massage GEL

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H2OMGU 400g Tub Single $19.90
H2OMGU-6 400g Tub 6 pack $108.90
H2OPS100-SQ Disp. wooden sticks Box 100 $3.90
  • Unique semi-solid massage oil—more control, no spills, no wastage!
  • Perfect for remedial & sports massage
  • A good choice when re-taping is required
  • Cleans easily from towels and clothing
  • Nourishes and soothes the skin
  • Use as base oil and combine with other muscle rubs
  • Great for use on hairy body parts
  • A little goes a long way!

Exclusively blended for Professional Massage Therapists, Hydro 2 Oil Grip n’ Glide Massage Gel offers superior control and cleanliness when performing massage treatments

Grip ‘n’ Glide Massage Gel is a nourishing blend of soya bean oil, jojoba and grapeseed oil enriched with Vitamin E

Leaving a silky, moisturised finish, the light texture is perfect for remedial and sports massage techniques. The unique semi-solid texture gives you more control over the amount applied to the patient, meaning less is wasted and none spilled in your carry bag or treatment room.

The Gel is 100% water dispersible, ensuring it will not stain clothing or towels and makes re-taping easier post treatment. Odourless, this blend is perfect for use with essential oils without altering their fragrances..

Also available - Hygiene sticks

  • Disposable
  • Economic
  • Hygienic

The most hygienic solution for applying massage creams to the patient. Use these disposable wooden sticks to scoop the cream from the jar to prevent contamination from patient to the jar

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