Casting & Splinting

  1. Dr Med Post-Op Shoe Quickview
    Dr Med Post-Op Shoe

    Starting at $24.50

    • Adjustable post op shoe with foam insole
  2. Comffit Cast Sandal Quickview
    Comffit Cast Sandal

    Starting at $16.25

    • Economy cast sandal with rocker sole in 3 sizes
  3. Ezeform Splinting Material Quickview
    Ezeform Splinting Material

    Starting at $86.00

    • Strong and durable, maximum resistance to stretch with superior draping & conforming qualities
  4. Polyform Thermoplastic Splinting Material Quickview
    Polyform Thermoplastic Splinting Material

    Starting at $86.00

    • Minimum Resistance, the effortless material achieves an intimate fit
  5. Aquaplast-T Thermoplastic Sheets Quickview
    Aquaplast-T Thermoplastic Sheets

    Starting at $121.00

    • Moderate resistance, Offers the optimum combination of intimate conformability and resistant stretch
  6. Aquaplast Original Thermoplastic Sheets Quickview
    Aquaplast Original Thermoplastic Sheets

    Starting at $109.00

    • Moderate Resistance, splints that require revisions, serial splints, large splints, spasticity, foot drop splints, etc
  7. Hapla Adhesive Felt - 5mm - 4 Sheets Quickview
    Hapla Adhesive Felt - 5mm - 4 Sheets
    Special Price $18.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
  8. Adhesive Felt Quickview
    Adhesive Felt

    Starting at $10.90

    • Absorbs pressure on feet inside shoe, single self adhesive sheets in various thicknesses
  9. Aquacast Waterproof Cast Padding Quickview
    Aquacast Waterproof Cast Padding

    Starting at $24.90

    • The original waterproof cast padding can be used with any type of fiberglass cast
  10. Delta Dry Waterproof Cast Liner Quickview
    Delta Dry Waterproof Cast Liner

    Starting at $21.50

    • Allows patients to shower, swim and bathe like normal, no stockinette required
  11. Gypsona Extra 3 Plaster of Paris Quickview
    Gypsona Extra 3 Plaster of Paris

    Starting at $109.00

    • Made from cloth impregnated with a fast setting Plaster of Paris. Ideal for casting
  12. Delta Cast Soft Quickview
    Delta Cast Soft

    Starting at $97.00

    • Provides functional support to fractures & soft tissue injuries, semi-rigid reduces immobilisation related problems
  13. Delta Cast Elite Quickview
    Delta Cast Elite

    Starting at $105.00

    • Light-weight, non-fiberglass but rigid cast designed to offer ease of application combined with a high patient comfort
  14. Delta Lite Plus Cast Tape Quickview
    Delta Lite Plus Cast Tape

    Starting at $19.20

    • Rigid and durable casts for uncompromising protection
  15. Dukal 100% Cotton Stockinette Quickview
    Dukal 100% Cotton Stockinette

    Starting at $69.00

    • Can be used comfortably as a pre-wrap under a cast or to hold bulky dressings in place
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