1. Physipod Medical Grade Orthotics Quickview
    Physipod Medical Grade Orthotics

    Starting at $35.00

    • Professioal quality customisable orthotics in full & ¾ lengths
  2. Physipod Non Slip Pilates Socks Quickview
    Physipod Non Slip Pilates Socks

    Starting at $13.50

    • Great for barefoot activities such as Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi. Non slip dots also help prevent slipping/falling
  3. Physipod Circulation Socks Black Quickview
    Physipod Circulation Socks Black

    Starting at $12.50

    • Designed for swollen, painful, or diabetic feet, however they are equally suited for everyday use on the average foot
  4. Physipod Premium Handle for Exercise Band Quickview
    Physipod Premium Handle for Exercise Band

    Starting at $16.50

    • Deluxe hand grip that pivots, fascilitating position changes while exercising, sold as singles
  5. Physipod Face Sheets Budget Quickview
    Physipod Face Sheets Budget

    Starting at $25.00

    • Budget option are still thin, soft, pliable, and very comfortable, strong and water resistant
  6. Physipod Trimthotic Quickview
    Physipod Trimthotic

    Starting at $37.50

    • Low profile orthotics for womens fashion shoes
  7. Physipod 4 Channel Tens & Muscle Stim Quickview
    Physipod 4 Channel Tens & Muscle Stim

    Starting at $11.75

    • 4 Channel digital TENS with 42 preset programs
  8. Physipod Face Sheets Premium Quickview
    Physipod Face Sheets Premium

    Starting at $21.00

    Made from a higher quality 'spun lace' fabric, for an even softer, more plush sensation

  9. Physipod Customisable Component Orthotic Quickview
    Physipod Customisable Component Orthotic

    Starting at $69.00

    • A unique, fully customisable orthotic to suit multiple foot and lower limb complaints
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