PFX Pelvic Floor Exerciser

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The PFX2 Pelvic Floor eXerciser is recommended by Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists throughout the world for helping women to exercise their pelvic floor muscles effectively.

Feedback provided by PFX2 will help you:

  • Learn how to make effective pelvic floor contractions
  • Measure your improving muscle tone
  • Motivate you to complete the exercise program
  • Seeing one's PFX score increasing steadily provides great encouragement to complete the exercise
  • program to pelvic floor fitness.

Studies have demonstrated that feedback speeds learning and leads to faster pelvic floor fitness. It has been shown that feedback increases the success rate of Pelvic Floor exercises by 50% (P.A. Burns, et al, State University of New York U.S.A. ICS Meeting Oslo 1988).

Women who do not treat accidental urine leaks will eventually become one of the 50% of those in nursing homes who are incontinent. 12% of women enter nursing homes ONLY because they are incontinent (Statistics from the Australian Continence Foundation).

Attempting pelvic floor contractions without feedback is uncertain and unrewarding. Many people give up. And the condition that lead to them to attempt the exercises will become worse.

What condition?

Firstly, it is will be useful to consider the form and function of the female Pelvic Floor.

The Pelvic Floor

There is a group of muscles in a hammock-like sheet suspended within the pelvis that supports our internal organs. These are called the Pelvic Floor Muscles. They play an important role in the correct functioning of the urethra (the outlet tube of the bladder), the vagina and the rectum. One of these muscles, the [pubococcygeus], is especially important.

Most people are unaware of their Pelvic Floor Muscles.

It is only when bladder control becomes a problem, (for example, accidental leaks during laughing, coughing or exertion) do they come into focus. Your Doctor calls this condition 'urinary stress incontinence'.

Even young women have trouble with accidental leaks when exercising at the gym.

These leaks are probably telling you that your Pelvic Floor muscles are unfit or have become stretched and have lost the ability to clamp off your urethra. Over stretching during childbirth is a frequent culprit.

Reduced sensation during sex is another indication of a weakened pelvic floor.

PFX2 can help you to rediscover strong orgasms. Pelvic floor exercises can revitalise your Pelvic Floor and bring things back to normal - or better!

No more leaks means no more pads! Your savings will quickly pay for PFX.

The Australian Continence Foundation states that 10% of Australian women endure accidental urine leaks unnecessarily. The treatment of first choice is pelvic floor exercises. The alternative is an operation that, in many cases, provides temporary relief only . Before starting a program of pelvic floor exercises to improve bladder control it is a good idea to talk to a Doctor in case there are other factors affecting your condition.


Exercising your Pelvic Floor will strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle. A stronger pubococcygeus will give you greater sensation and control during sex.

Why? Well, the pubococcygeus or 'love muscle' loops around the vagina. Its nerve endings provide the sensation you experience during sexual intercourse. Increasing the bulk of your pubococcygeus by exercise will increase the number of nerve endings. More nerve endings means more sensation for you.

Being able to flex the walls of your vagina will increase your partner's pleasure also.


If Pelvic Floor exercises are so good for you, why does not everyone do them?

Answer. Pelvic Floor exercises are tricky to learn and completing an exercise program can be challenging.

The Challenge

About 40% of women are unable to do a voluntary pelvic floor contraction, that is, 'squeeze, lift and hold' or 'pull up' their pelvic floor. PFX2 can be a great help. Feedback from PFX2 can help them to discover how to flex their muscles. Their PFX readings will track their improving muscle strength.

Physiotherapists who specialise in treating pelvic floor problems use our [Peritron]. Perineometer to assess the strength of pelvic floor muscles and teach pelvic floor exercises. Doing the exercises without feedback is uncertain and frustrating as there is nothing to tell you if you are doing them correctly or making progress.

Exercising without feedback is like trying to control one's weight without having a set of bathroom scales. Many women give up bored and frustrated by the uncertainty. It is worth persevering as 80% of people who complete a Pelvic Floor exercise program to overcome bladder control problems are 'cured' or 'improved substantially' (statistic from The Australian Continence Foundation).

PFX can help you master these challenges and achieve pelvic floor fitness faster.


  • It will take you a week or so to learn 'the knack' of 'pulling-up' before you laugh or cough. Eureka. No accidental leaks. However it will take a month or two before you are fully confident.
  • You should do your pelvic floor work outs once or twice per day with the objective of reaching 10 on the PFX scale 10 times with 10 second 'relaxes' between.
  • Your 'squeeze-lift-and-hold' contractions must be 'full on'.
  • Your muscles only grow stronger when recovering between sessions. The greater the exertion the greater the improvement in strength.
  • If added muscle bulk and strength is your goal then there is no substitute for 'full on' exercising. Doing little contractions is a waste of time.
  • Each work out you will see your PFX score improving. This is motivating.
  • However there is no need to use PFX every time. Do your contractions whenever you have a spare moment - waiting at traffic lights, on the phone and so on. Some Professionals recommend that you do your exercising standing up so that you are working against the weight of your internal organs.
  • Use PFX to keep track of your progress. Each work out go for more contractions, higher readings.
  • As the pelvic floor muscles surround the anus, it is possible to use an anal sensor to provide feedback instead PFX2. Please refer to QPFXA .


Each PFX2 is packaged in a White Case. It is shipped by airmail in a plain outer wrapping. The Case contains:

  • The PFX2 Indicator
  • The vaginal sensor
  • The 80cm (31inch) connecting tube
  • A Handbook with comprehensive instructions.
  • PFX is a long term investment in fitness and good health.
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