Body Assist PATSTAB Patella Stabiliser Knee

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Sku Size RRP Qty
BAPK-XL X-Large $47.50
BAPK-SL Small $47.50
BAPK-RG Regular $47.50

PAT-STAB utilizes a unique 3 POINT tension system, allowing greater force to be applied to the LATERAL (outer) border of the patella. Experience complete confidence and feel the extra support and stability of PAT-STAB.


PAT-STAB has been designed to emulate taping of the knee cap. Based on a widely accepted, three point tension taping technique. A patella buttress in the shape of a horseshoe, locks the patella in the desired position. Movement of the patella to the outer edge of the leg (ie lateral) is greatly restricted. Adjustment is simple, pull the single strap to lock the patella further to the inside of the knee. An ideal brace for people who need regular patella taping for a variety of applications associating sporting, home and work related activities.

Knee circumference

Size Knee circ. (cm)
Small/Child to 33cm
Regular 30 to 42cm
XLG/Super 43+
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