Orthotics - Medical

  1. Physipod Medical Grade Orthotics Quickview
    Physipod Medical Grade Orthotics

    Starting at $36.00

    • Professioal quality customisable orthotics in full & ¾ lengths
  2. Footlogics Medical Orthotics Quickview
    Footlogics Medical Orthotics
    • To control excessive foot pronation, to improve alignment of the lower limb & a more even load distribution under the foot
  3. Foot Function Orthotics Quickview
    Foot Function Orthotics
    • Extremely lightweight self-molding orthotic that create an interface between the foot and the shoe
  4. Talar Made Orthotics Quickview
    Talar Made Orthotics
    • A full length & ¾ length orthotic designed for all types of athletic footwear, work shoes, boots &hiking shoes
  5. Interpod Control Tech Flex Quickview
    Interpod Control Tech Flex
    • Ideal treatment option giving excellent results without compromising comfort
  6. Formthotics Quickview
    • Formthotics are designed to replicate the effects of the body walking barefoot on natural soft surfaces
  7. ICB Orthotic Sports - Dual Density Uncovered Quickview
    ICB Orthotic Sports - Dual Density Uncovered

    Starting at $120.00

    • Practitioner dispansed orthotics customised with heat and additions
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