Inserts & Orthotic Additions

  1. Talar Made Metatarsal Raise Quickview
    Talar Made Metatarsal Raise

    Starting at $25.90

    • A solution for patients suffering from a range of forefoot conditions
  2. Formthotics Arch Pads (Pkt 5 Pairs) Quickview
    Formthotics Arch Pads (Pkt 5 Pairs)

    Starting at $34.50

    Loose EVA arch fillers sold in packets of 5 pair

  3. Pro-Tec Arch Supports EVA Pad (Pair) Quickview
    Pro-Tec Arch Supports EVA Pad (Pair)
    Special Price $26.90 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Alleviates conditions of plantar fasciitis (inflammation and tenderness of the plantar fascia)
  4. Dr Med Metatarsal Gel Cushion Quickview
    Dr Med Metatarsal Gel Cushion

    Starting at $19.50

    • For pain relief from Metatarsalgia, corns & callouses
  5. Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads Quickview
    Metatarsal Lift Compression Pads

    Starting at $26.90

    • Reduces pain and discomfort to the metatarsal (forefoot) region
  6. Metatarsal Domes Grey Quickview
    Metatarsal Domes Grey

    Starting at $19.50

    Softer option with no adhesive backing

  7. Formthotic Metatarsal Domes Quickview
    Formthotic Metatarsal Domes

    Starting at $23.50

    Simple metatarsal domes with an adhesive backing, avilable in small or large

  8. Comffit EVA LIFTS Quickview
    Comffit EVA LIFTS

    Starting at $15.20

    • Popular heel lifts in convenient boxes of 2 pairs
  9. Comffit ELEVATORS Quickview
    Comffit ELEVATORS

    Starting at $32.50

    • Shaped heel lift inserts designed to hold their shape over long periods of use, and prevent slipping inside shoe
  10. Talar Made Heel Lifts Quickview
    Talar Made Heel Lifts

    Starting at $25.90

    • Can help reduce the stress on the achilles tendon and relieve pain
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