North Coast Medical

  1. NCM Mini Vibrator Massager Quickview
    NCM Mini Vibrator Massager
    Special Price $39.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Massage small muscle areas, use for scar tissue, desensitization, muscle stimulation, & sensory re-education
  2. Norco Rainbow Putty Quickview
    Norco Rainbow Putty

    Starting at $12.50

    • Helps promote increased range of motion, finger-flexion and tendon-gliding
  3. Comfort Cool CMC Thumb Support Quickview
    Comfort Cool CMC Thumb Support
    • Comfortable splint supports the thumb CMC joint while allowing full hand function
  4. Oval-8® Finger Splint Quickview
    Oval-8® Finger Splint

    Starting at $19.00

    • Used ro stabilise and align finger IP joints, assist with a variety of deformities and finger abnormalities
  5. Stax Finger Splint Open-Air™ Quickview
    Stax Finger Splint Open-Air™

    Starting at $9.00

    • Common splints used to protect fingertip and finger nail bed injuries, as well as Mallet Finger
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