Neurotrac Tens Machine Standard

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Item Code
Sku Option Quantity RRP Qty
NET3 Tens - Complete Kit - $124.00
NE50 Electrode 50x50mm 1 x Pkt 4 $11.75
NE59 Electrode 50 x 90mm 1 x Pkt 4 $13.65
NE49 Electrode 40 x 90mm 1 x Pkt 4 $11.75
NE50R Electrode 50mm Round 1 x Pkt 4 $11.75
NE30R Electrode 30mm Round 1 x Pkt 4 $10.50
CFTNL Spare Lead Single $6.50

Features and Benefits

  • LCD displays Intensity, Rate, Pulse Width, Time and programme mode.
  • Dual channel.
  • Time setting between 1 min and 12 hours. Time count down monitored on LCD screen.
  • Constant current. [Extends battery life].
  • Conventional, Burst and Modulated modes.
  • Range: Rate 2 -200Hz - Pulse Width: 50- 300µS.
  • Automatic switch off after 4 minutes if unit is not in use.
  • Pause.

Included in the box

When you purchase the Neurotrac Tens Machine from Sportstek, the unit is shipped with everything you need to get started:

  • Neurotrac Digital Tens Machine
  • 4 pre-gelled electrodes / pads
  • leads
  • battery
  • instruction manual

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty

This TENS machine is backed with our exclusive 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Should the unit fail in this time period return it to us and we will either replace the unit or refund your money.

(NB: Warranty does not apply to connection leads or electrodes)

How Does TENS Relieve Pain?

When we feel pain it is the body's process of informing us that something is wrong. To feel pain is important, without this feeling abnormal conditions may go undetected, creating damage or injury to critical parts of the body.

Conductive electrodes are used to transmit electrical impulses from the stimulator to the nerve fibres. Pain relief is achieved by using TENS stimulation of the nerve fibres and acts as a 'Gate Control' to block pain transmission. Using low frequency 'Burst' Stimulation, can increase the body's own pain relieving endorphins/enkepalins and provides analgesia.


  • Constant (Conventional) {High Rate} Mode

    This is the most frequently used mode. High Rate Tens {80 - 150Hz} is generally preferred for long- term management of chronic pain and for controlling the dull throbbing pain associated with acute and post-operative pain. A rate of 80Hz and pulse width of 200µS is good setting to begin with.
  • Burst Mode

    This mode uses a series of higher-frequency pulses delivered in bursts at a low rate {2Hz}. It is used as an alternative to the Low Rate Stimulation. Some patients consider this more comfortable.

  • Modulation Mode

    This mode progressively alters the frequency and pulse width to produce a rhythmic, massaging sensation at the stimulation site. This mode is another alternative to the conventional mode where longer wearing times are desired. Also it may help to offset accommodation of TENS stimulation some patients may experience.

  • Low Rate Stimulation

    Low rate stimulation {2-10Hz} (constant) is generally used as a treatment modality for short-term treatment. It is often used in as an adjunct to the conventional mode or sometimes as an alternative. In low rate stimulation the intensity is turned to the maximum tolerable level in order to stimulate the deeper nerve fibres.

  • Brief-intense Stimulation

    This type of stimulation is used primarily before or during various therapeutic procedures such as suture removal or joint mobilisation. Time of treatment is usually for short periods of 20-30 minutes.

Customer Feedback

›  I have already sent one email praising your company on their courtesy and prompt service. Now I would like to say thank you for advising me to buy the Neurotrac Tens machine. It is giving me such back pain relief and hopefully strengthening my back muscles. I showed it to my physio yesterday and she wrote down your company's name and will recommend you to her clients. Thank you once again for everything
Lee, Marsfield, NSW
›  Comments: First time user: I could see on my partner's face that he was happy with the sensation he was receiving from the Neurotrac. He appeared to be on the verge of breaking out with a big smile on his face.
Kim, Caloundra, QLD
›  Comments: Thank you for being very prompt in supplying the Tens unit. I have used it twice and my knees feel great. It is a fantastic unit and have recommended the product to a work colleague. Keep up the good work. Glad to see that you also all different types of stock.
Susan, Bentleigh East, 3165

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