Omo Neurexa Plus Shoulder (post stroke lift function)

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  • Patient can apply the brace without assistance
  • Use both passively and during rehab sessions
  • Helps reduce pain by re-aligning the shoulder

The Omo Neurexaplus shoulder orthosis is a medical device that assists in the rehabilitation of patients who are suffering from shoulder pain or dysfunction. The Omo Neurexaplus shoulder orthosis is particularly helpful for patients after a stroke or injuries to the central or peripheral nervous system. Its predecssor, the well known, Omo Neurexa orthosis has been developed into the Omo Neurexaplus shoulder orthosis. The Omo Neurexaplus shoulder orthosis can now be applied by patients themselves with one hand.

The Omo Neurexaplus plus facilitates active rehabilitation. The main aim of the Omo Neurexaplus is to correctly position the arm without limiting its movement. Patients who has hemiplegia often suffer with shoulder pain. Also in case of flaccid paralysis, the humeral head can often be poorly positioned (subluxation); which results in pain, reflexive muscle issues and secondary joint damage.


  • Shoulder pain and dysfunction (including subluxation) after stroke
  • Hemiplegia
  • Spinal disc herniation in the cervical spine
  • Injuries of the brachial plexus
  • Peripheral nerve damage


The Omo Neurexaplus orthosis improves body posture and gait pattern through enhanced sensomotoric control and support of the shoulder. As well as offering patients with shoudler support it also relieves pain. The Omo Neurexaplus is helpful for patients who have suffered a stroke or injuries to the central or peripheral nervous system. The Omo Neurexaplus is load-relieving.

The Omo Neurexaplus has two parts;

  • a shoulder cuff
  • a forearm cuff

The cuffs are connected by two straps.

The Omo Neurexaplus ensures that humeral head is precisely inside the socket of the shoulder joint. This correctly placement is a prerequisite for the physiological, pain-free interplay of the three true and two false joints of the pectoral girdle during movement.


  • Influence the proprioceptors, as well as positively effecting the sensorimotor system
  • Omo Neurexaplus orthosis can be worn during arm and shoulder training sessions
  • The functionality of the orthosis is ensured by the placement of a silicone band on the inside which prevents slipping
  • The Omo Neurexaplus orthosis is eassy to use because of the different coloured buttons
  • The Omo Neurexaplus orthosis is made with Soft TriTech material which ensures excellent wearer comfort and the textile structure supports the orthosis positioning helping prevent slipping
  • The soft edges prevent chafing and sores
  • The muscle stimulation pad made of silicone
  • Easy machine washing at is recommended (40°C)

Use & Application

The Omo Neurexaplus is recommended to be and can be used at an early stage in rehabilitation, along with functional and specific muscle training and physiological movement of the arm. Although the orthosis is also an excellent medical device for later in the rehabilitation process as well.

The Omo Neurexaplus must be adapted to the patient by a therapist or orthotist and for the initial donning of the orthosis, this should also be performed by the therapist or orthotist. However depending on the severity of the disability, the patient may be able to apply the orthosis themselves subsequently. Before attempting this, the patient, as well as their carers and relatives, must be provided with detailed instructions regarding the proper use of the orthosis.


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