Interpod Control Tech Flex

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By integrating and blending rearfoot inversion into midfoot arch support a perfect balance between functional parameters such as symptom relief, patient comfort, orthotic tolerance and fit to the shoe is achieved.


  • Available in three levels of support
  • Treats supination resistance ranges from Low, Moderate and High
  • Shank independent
  • Made from superior flexible Polypropylene
  • Slim fitting
  • Comfortable profile
  • Extremely durable
  • Full length self-adhesive EVA top covers
  • Rearfoot wedge
  • Cuboid notch
  • Plantar Fascial Groove


  • Appropriate for all shoes eg. casual shoes, work shoes, dress and sports shoes.
  • Replaceable soft self-adhesive covers are available in 1mm or 2mm cambrelle eva.
  • Covers can be removed for tight fitting shoes.
  • Control Tech is ideal for mens business shoes.
  • 3/4 is available in childrens sizes


Rearfoot Wedge

Rearfoot wedging reduces the need for excessive arch height, while maintaining support and comfort.

Plantar Fascia Groove

Reduces arch irritation by accommodating the path of the plantar fascia and FHL tendon.

No Heel Cup

Eliminates pronation moments about the subtalar joint created by the lateral heel cup. Also reduces irritation around the heel secondary to poor fitting heel cups.

Self Adhesive Soft Covers

Covers add cushioning and improve grip to the foot. Orthoses can be worn with or without covers.

childrens sizes

Interpod UK Europe USA/AUS
K-Medium 12.5-1 31-32 13-2
K-Large 1.5-2.5 33-34 2-3

womens sizes

Interpod UK Europe USA/AUS
Small 3-4 37-38 5-6
Medium 5-6 39-40 7-8
Large 7-8 41-42 9-10
X-Large 9-11 43-44 11-12
XX-Large 11+ 45-48 13+

mens sizes

Interpod UK Europe USA/AUS
Small 3-4 37-38 4-5
Medium 5-6 39-40 6-7
Large 7-8 41-42 8-9
X-Large 9-10 43-44 10-11
XX-Large 11-12 45-48 12-13
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