Gymstick 2.0 Resistance Trainer

Item Code
Sku Option Resistance RRP Qty
GSS2-GN Gymstick 2.0 Level 1 - Green $135.00
GSS2-BL Gymstick 2.0 Level 2 - Blue $135.00
GSS2-BK Gymstick 2.0 Level 3 - Black $135.00
GSS2-SI Gymstick 2.0 Level 4 - Silver $135.00
GSRT-GN Replacement Tubing Set Level 1 - Green $65.00
GSRT-BL Replacement Tubing Set Level 2 - Blue $65.00
GSRT-BK Replacement Tubing Set Level 3 - Black $65.00
GSRT-SI Replacement Tubing Set Level 4 - Silver $65.00

Gymstick is a fitness tool from Finland designed to simplify and effectively combine cardiovascular, muscular endurance and flexibility training. The Gymstick combines stick and resistance band exercise into one effective workout.

Attach the resistance bands to both ends of the stick by using the attachment mechanism and set the loops under your feet. Now you are ready to start working out with the GYMSTICK! You can do hundreds of different exercises and combination movements. You can increase the resistance by quickly rolling the resistance bands around the stick. The combination of the exercise stick and resistance bands is a new way of combining muscular endurance and flexibility training. This allows you to improve your fitness levels safely.

NEW: Gymstick 2 - Upgraded model

The new Gymstick Original 2.0 makes one of the most functional fitness tools available, even more portable with the new two piece quick lock-mechanism that allows you to pack down your Gymstick to just 75cm for easy storage, training outside, going to the gym or traveling. The foot loops have been slightly enlarged for easier anchoring and durability has been increased even more.

What you receive:

  • Two-piece fiberglass stick with easy quick lock-mechanism and soft foam hand grips
  • Assembled length 130cm / Collapsed length 75cm
  • 2 Medium Blue latex rubber resistance tubes with durable fabric loops
  • Carry bag
  • Workout poster
  • Link for online training

  1. There are specifically designed stoppers at the ends of the stick for attaching exercise bands. These stoppers are made from soft and enduring rubber. They are custom made for Gymstick exercise bands only.
  2. The stick is made from light and durable fibreglass. Its length is 130cm, or as long as the grip of a standard weight lifting bar.
  3. The grips are made of soft foam so it is easy to hold the stick even when your hands are sweaty
  4. The bands also have a loop at both ends. You can set the loops under your feet or you can hold them in your hands instead. This means that your workouts can be as comprehensive as you like.
  5. Gymstick exercise bands are made from premium quality latex rubber. The is specifically designed for exercise, and therefore it is extremely durable and elastic.
  6. The exercise bands have an attachment mechanism at both ends. This makes it easy to attach and detach the bands.
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