Gymnic Medicine Ball Heavy Med Live Gel

Item Code
Sku Weight (All) RRP Qty
XHM05 0.5kg $21.00
XHM1 1kg $22.50
XHM2 2kg $31.50
XHM3 3kg $37.50
XHM4 4kg $46.00
XHM5 5kg $57.00

Latex free, small rubber medicine balls. For strengthening exercises, especially core strength drills.

Small volume but heavy weight. In a diameter of only 17 cm is a hidden weight of 3 kilos. Very useful in training for all ball-games (handball, basket-ball, football). These balls bounce and provide a good grip.

  • Used for both fitness activities as well as physical therapy practices.
  • Good for power exercises & plyometric drills.
  • Ball bouce back from floor or wall
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