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Footlogics Medical Orthotics
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Footlogics orthotics control excessive foot pronation, resulting in improved alignment of the lower limb and a more even distribution of load under the foot. Our products feature Dual Layer Orthotic technology® to ensure optimum biomechanical control and maximum walking comfort. Your Footlogics prescription can be fine-tuned using orthotic wedges. Footlogics orthotics can be heat-molded if desired.

The Footlogic Range:

  • Ideal for athletic footwear, roomy lace-up shoes, work and hiking boots
  • Made of firm density E.V.A.
  • Deep stabilising heel cup
  • longitudinal arch support
  • Intrinsic rearfoot varus angle
  • Built-in Metatarsal support.
  • Durapontex® layer for extra cushioning
  • Velours top cover for added walking comfort.
  • Shock absorber in heel area
  • High quality, durabable orthotic
  • Affortdable orthotic therapy

About the Density

Footlogics has chosen blue coloured eva which is very tolerable for most Patients, and allows the Practitioner to have excellent control for mild to medium dysfunction. Footlogics manufacturers for the International market and the 290 eva has proven to be the most suitable for all foot types. Rather than stock many densities, it is suggested that this one density be held and then any "special" needs be addressed by Footlogics "Sensi". We feel that the choice with pre-made orthotics has become confusing and difficult to manage-we offer effective therapy with simplicity


Why choose Footlogics Medical Range?

» Priced up to 40% below competing brands
» Effective orthotic therapy
» Excellent biomechanical control
» High tolerance for most foot types
» Proven orthotic proviles
» Orthotic prescription can be fine-tuned with wedges and additions
» Quick and easy to dispense
» 100% Australian owned

Fitting: When fitting a full-length orthotic in athletic footwear and work boots you'll often find that some type of flat insole or lining is present. Please remove this before fitting the orthotics. Full-length Footlogics orthotics can be trimmed to size to fit your patient's shoes. Any pre-existing loose insole or lining can be used as a template to trim the orthotic, or simply follow the trim lines at the underside of the device.

Add orthotic wedges and/or heel lifts, if required

To fine-tune your orthotic prescription, you may add orthotic wedging to the plantar surface of the device. For example, some patients with severe excess pronation may need an additional Rearfoot Varus wedge under the orthotic device providing extra biomechanical control.

A heel lift may be used for patients with Achilles Tendonits or patients presenting with a leg length discrepancy.

Size UK (Men & Women) US Men US Women
X-Small 3 - 4½ 3½ - 5 4½ - 6
Small 5 - 6½ 5½ - 7 6½ - 8
Medium 7 - 8½ 7½ - 9 8½ - 10
Large 9 - 10½ 9½ - 11 10½ - 12
X-Large 11 - 13 11½ - 14 -
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