Foot Logics

  1. Footlogics Sensi Orthotics Quickview
    Footlogics Sensi Orthotics

    Starting at $32.50

    • Designed for people with diabetes, arthritis or sensitive feet, top layer to minimizes pressure and friction
  2. Footlogics Kids Orthotics Full Length Q-EVA Quickview
    Footlogics Kids Orthotics Full Length Q-EVA
    Special Price $32.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Correction in all shoes types for children, made from flexible yet supportive Q-EVA
  3. Footlogics Medical Kids Orthotics Quickview
    Footlogics Medical Kids Orthotics

    Starting at $32.50

    • Medical-grade orthotic for young children with flat feet or fallen arches, helps with children’s heel pain, growing pains etc
  4. Footlogics Medical Orthotics Quickview
    Footlogics Medical Orthotics
    • To control excessive foot pronation, to improve alignment of the lower limb & a more even load distribution under the foot
  5. FootLogics Sports Orthotic Full Length Quickview
    FootLogics Sports Orthotic Full Length

    Starting at $36.50

    • Replace the insole in your sports and walking shoes with this more supportive insert
  6. Footlogics Catwalk Quickview
    Footlogics Catwalk

    Starting at $26.00

    • Providing lasting relief from pain and discomfort from high heel fashion shoes
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