1. Pro-Tec Calf Stretcher Quickview
    Pro-Tec Calf Stretcher
    Special Price $21.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Half foam roller provides stretch to arch, achilles and calf. Shaped edge massages the arch for plantar fasciitis
  2. Comffit Yoga Block Quickview
    Comffit Yoga Block
    Special Price $11.90 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Yoga blocks can help you deepen your stretch, reach a difficult pose, and give you more stability.
  3. Yoga Strap Quickview
    Yoga Strap
    Special Price $6.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Enables you to make difficult postures more accessible, deepen stretches and improve alignment
  4. Comffit Decline Board Quickview
    Comffit Decline Board
    Special Price $69.95 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Used to treat a broad range of lower leg and injuries and dysfunction especially the knee and calf
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