Exercise Band & Loops

  1. Pro-Tec Resistance Band Loops (3-Pack) Quickview
    Pro-Tec Resistance Band Loops (3-Pack)

    Starting at $24.50

    • Light, medium & heavy exercise band loops in one retail pack with guide
  2. Comffit Power Bands Quickview
    Comffit Power Bands

    Starting at $25.00

    • Progress through the 4 resistance levels as your strength improves, levels up to 141kg
  3. Resist-A-Band Exercise Band Quickview
    Resist-A-Band Exercise Band

    Starting at $99.00

    • Popular exercise band in 5 levels, 50 yard/45m clinic size boxes
  4. Resist-A-Band Retail Strips Quickview
    Resist-A-Band Retail Strips

    Starting at $7.50

    • Convenient pre-cut 1.5m strips in sealed wrapping, sold as singles
  5. Theraband Resistance Bands Quickview
    Theraband Resistance Bands

    Starting at $22.50

    • System of progressive exercise band in 18ft or 150ft boxes
  6. Theraband Loops Quickview
    Theraband Loops

    Starting at $9.25

    • Continuous 3" wide loops in 20, 30, or 45cm lengths. Sold as singles
  7. Theraband Resistance Bands - Latex Free Quickview
    Theraband Resistance Bands - Latex Free

    Starting at $79.00

    • Non-Latex bands with no scent and no powder for those with latex allergies
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