Dr Med Deluxe Grey Posture Improver

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DMB011-LG Large $46.50
DMB011-MD Medium $46.50
DMB011-SL Small $46.50
DMB011-XL X-Large $46.50

The Dr Med Deluxe Posture Improver helps reduce pain associated with slumped shoulders and poor posture. Made from a firm but lightweight elastic material, the support is low profile and can be worn underneath or over clothing. The colour is designed to not see through lighter shirts.

Wear the support for 1-2 hours a day to re-train yourself into better daily posture!

Suitable for both male and female users.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Take the two angled straps and hang over each shoulder but do not fasten
  • Pull the two lower straps around your waist and fasten in front
  • Pull each shoulder strap separately underneath the arm, around your back and over to the front.

Measure waist circumference

  Small Medium Large X-Large
cm 64 - 72 72 - 80 80 - 90 90 - 100
inches 26.2 - 28.3 28.3 - 31.5 31.5-35.4 35.4-39.4
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