Dr Med Ankle Brace with BOA

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  • No laces, quick application
  • Adjustable compression using BOA
  • Figure 8 straps
  • Lateral & medial splints
  • Lightweight, ventilated material
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The new Dr. Med Ankle Brace with BOA is everything you need in an ankle brace...



Commonly referred to as "figure of 8 straps", these straps start from the top of each side of the ankle and cross diagonally over the top of the foot and then underneath to the other side. They anchor to adjustable velcro in a vertical fashion similar to a 'stirrup' support. These straps are designed to mimic the technique of taping your ankle using rigid sports tape


Lateral and medial plastic inserts assist in preventing introversion/extroversion of the ankle. They are shaped to avoid putting pressure on the malleoli (bony prominence on each side of the ankle).


Ankle braces are most effective when they work in conjunction with the compression of the shoe. However, when material is too bulky it can be uncomfortable, especially underneath the foot. The Dr Med Ankle Brace with BOA provides the firmest support with very low profile in the shoe


Simply release the BOA dial, push out the tongue, and insert your foot. A few quick twists of the dial to re-tighten, and you're ready to go


Most ankle braces uses traditional shoe laces for tightening. To insert your foot easily, you must loosen the laces at the bottom of the support. Then to optimise compression, you must re-tighten all of the laces. This can be tedious, and often results in having inadequate compression over the top of your foot. However, the Dr Med BOA system spreads the compression firmly evenly all the way up the support; the entire brace compresses at once using the simple BOA dial system giving you reliable support and adjustability every time


Ventilated section in tongue, with soft inner padding for comfort. Thin, lightweight, but tough outer layer to prevent splitting and enhance support.

BOA System

The BOA tightening system contains three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, super-strong lightweight laces, and low friction lace guides. Turn to tighten + Quick release. With instant, single-handed fine tuning as precise as 1mm, you can easily adjust for comfort or a more targeted performance without ever losing focus. And once dialed in, The Boa System stays that way.

The Boa System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product on which they are integrated.

Dr. Med Ankle Brace Sizing (US Shoe size)

Fits left or right

Size Men Women
Small  6 - 7  7 - 9
Medium  8 - 10  10 - 11
Large  11 - 12  12 - 13
X-Large  13 - 14  -
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