Dentons Pillow Anti Snore

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With washable zip removable cover. Fits standard pillow case

  • Designed for back sleepers
  • Raised roll under neck facilitates airflow through the throat to minimize snoring
  • Specifically designed shape ensures correct head, neck and spinal alignment
  • Medal Winner at the Geneva Salon of Inventions
  • Superior durability for longer life
  • Health fresh treated for control of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Dual covers

This is the original Silent KnightT pillow, winner of medals at the prestigious Geneva Salon of Inventions. With the wedge of pillow under the shoulders and the raised roll under the neck, the head is best positioned for unrestricted breathing. Snorers and asthma sufferers will benefit alike.

Complete with zip off cotton japara quilted cover. Approximate pillow size 37 x 62 cms. Individually molded from miracle SoftecT, an open cell foam that breathes. Formulated to a prescribed resilience and softness to provide optimum comfort and support.

Guarantee not to sag, lose shape or crumble for 5 years from year of manufacture.

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