Comffit Decline Board

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Demensions and weight

  • Size: 38 x 38cm. Height: 18cm
  • Weight: 2.75kg
  • Angle: 23 degrees

Bringing specificity to your rehab programs

The Decline Board allows far greater specificity in rehabilitating tendon injuries around the knee and ankle (1).

When performing a standard squat, calf tension and excessive trunk flexion can often act to unload the knee extensors (quadraceps). Over time, specific weakness of the quadraceps muscle-tendon unit is considered to increase susceptibility of injury to the knee extendors to be loaded maximally.


A recent study of rehabilitation programs for elite volleyballer players with jumper's knee found that using the Decline Board produced superior strength gains and improvements in tendon pain compared to a standard squat program (2).

The Decline Board allows targeted strengthening of the knee extensors ot achievable in a standard squat, and is a valuable tool in rehabiitation and strengthening of the knee extensor mechanism.

The Decline Board is also used for calf strenthening and stretching, providing added load through range during strengthening and a functional base to passivley stretch specific regions of the calf complex.


Suggested Protocols

      Warning: Exercise prescription is dependant on many factors, including base strength, flexibility and severity of injury. It is essential that these factors are taken into consideration when formulating a rehabilitation program.

      Please consult a health professional before undertaking any rehabilitation program.

Typical Rehabilitation protocols:

Patellar Tendon

      • Single leg
      • 1-2 sec up/down
      • 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps
      • Assisted return with other leg
      • 1 min rest b/w sets
      • 1 / day sessions

Quadriceps hypertrophy

      • Single leg
      • 4-5 sets of 6-12 reps
      • 3 sec up/down
      • 30 sec rest b/w sets
      • 3/ week sessions

Calf flexibility

      • 30-60 sec holds in 3 directions (see diagram)
      • 2-3 times daily

Recommended under the guidance of a professional practitioner.

The Decline board was designed by Craig Purdam and Dr Jill Cook, two of Australia's leading experts in tendon pain, and developed at the Australian Institute of Sport.


1) Purdam C, Cook J, Hopper D et al Discriminative ability of functional loading tests for adolescent jumper's knee. Physical Therapy in Sport 2002, Vol 4, Issue 1, p 3-9.

2) Young M, Cook J, Purdam C etal. Eccentric decline squat protocol offers superior results at 12 months compared to traditional eccentric protocol for patellar tendinopathy in volleyball players. British Journal of Sports Medicine 2003, in press.

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