Cosma Massage Cream

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The product’s thick, creamy consistency allows you to spread it smoothly over those aching muscles and joints. Deluxe quality. This is a 'wipe-on', 'wipe-off' massage treatment cream that leaves no oily residue. All natural ingredients: including beeswax, almond oil, paraffin wax, white medicinal oil, de-ionised water, borax powder, fragrance in a cream base.

White massage cream in 435g tub.

COSMA™ Massage Cream


Product of choice by Sports Club Therapists, Osteopaths,
Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists

• Deluxe quality - thick, creamy consistency spreads easily
• Light texture facilitates muscle manipulation 
• Perfect for soothing aching muscles and joints
• Leaves no oil residue
• Ideal for both pre-game or post-game massage
• With natural beeswax and almond oil to sooth and soften dry irritated skin

One of the most popular massage and therapy creams available

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