Comffit Tens Machine

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Item Code
Sku Option Quantity RRP Qty
CFTN20 Tens - Complete Kit - $90.00
NE50 Electrode 50x50mm 1 x Pkt 4 $11.75
NE59 Electrode 50 x 90mm 1 x Pkt 4 $13.65
NE49 Electrode 40 x 90mm 1 x Pkt 4 $11.75
NE30R Electrode 30mm Round 1 x Pkt 4 $10.50
CFTNL Spare Lead Single $6.50

How is the Comffit TENS Machine different?

If you are looking for a reliable tens machine with strong treatment capabilities, the comffit tens machine is the ideal choice for these three simple reasons:

1) Chronic (severe) pain

The modulation mode featured in the unit is ideal for treating areas of chronic or severe pain. For example, pain caused by conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, or a muscle tissue injury, back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain etc.

  • With the waveform constantly changing (using recommended modulation mode 'E'), the stimulus is smooth and comfortable. Importantly, this reduces the body's tolerance to the stimulus, therefore it is a more effective pain reliever.
  • The 'smooth' waveform also makes the machine much more comfortable to use.
  • The waveform is maintained even at high intensity, where it otherwise breaks down in poorly designed units.

2) Simple and easy to use

  • The large digital display makes reading and changing the settings easy, whilst the analogue knobs on the top of the unit makes it easier to adjust the intensity than pressing buttons.

3) Long term use is easy and won't cost you a lot of money

All replacement leads, batteries, and electrodes are readily available.

  • Electrodes - We carry the highest quality replacement electrodes, and they can be purchased from this website. The electrodes are backed with a conductive gel. No extra gel is required.
  • Replacement leads - can be purchased separately at little cost
  • Batteries - No special hard-to-find batteries, just standard AA size (available in any supermarket or news agency)

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty

This TENS machine is backed with our exclusive 3 YEAR WARRANTY. Should the unit fail in this time period return it to us and we will either replace the unit or refund your money.

Features of the Comffit Tens Machine

  1. Intensity protection (Safety) - When the mode changes, the intensity will automatically go down to zero.
  2. Remembers last settings - When the unit is turned on, it will automatically return to the settings last used before the unit was switched off
  3. Treatment Timer - When the treatment timer is set, it will begin to count down in minutes. Once it reaches zero, the unit will automatically shut off
  4. Auto Repeat - When the pulse rate or pulse width is being adjusted, the auto-repeat function is available, when "PR+", "PR-", "Pw+", or "PW-" Key is held down for over 1 second, it will automatically increase or decrease 1 step per ¼ second
  5. Precise Intensity Adjustment - The two knobs on top of the unit adjust the intensity by turning clockwise or counter-clockwise. These knobs are accessible if you are wearing the unit on your trouser belt.
  6. Switch Between Waveform Settings - By pressing "PR-", key and "PW-" keys simultaneously, the two types of waveforms can be changed.
  7. Lock the Settings in Place - By pressing "timer key" for 2 seconds the unit will be locked or unlocked in toggle. While the unit is locked, the parameters cannot be adjusted except for the timer and intensity. Pressing the ON/OFF key will not change the locked/unlocked status.
  8. Low Battery Indicator - When the batteries are low, a flashing battery symbol in 2Hz will indicate that the batteries should be replaced.
  9. Battery Saver - Automatic shut off. When the unit intensity levels are 0 on both channels, and it has not been in use for 5 minutes, the unit will shut off automatically.

Relief for sufferers of chronic pain

Technical Specifications

Model TN-20
Channel Dual
Output Maximum 150mA (peak value) across 500 Ω load
Pulse Width From 50 μ S to 250 μ S adjustable
Waveform Symmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular
Monophasic rectangular

What you receive

The Comffit Tens Machine is shipped with everything you need to get started. The contents of the package are:

  • 1 x Comffit TENS machine (model TN-20)
  • 2 x leads
  • 4 x Self-Adhesive Pads with connectors (size 40mm x 40mm)
  • 2 x size AA Alkaline 1.54V batteries (these are the common ones available in the supermarket)
  • 1 x instruction booklet
  • 1 x black case (contains pouch for leads and strap for electrodes)


5 modes are available

  • Mode-A- Constant
  • Mode-B- Burst I. Two train per second, 250ms on, 250ms off; 25 pulses within one train, pulse width=200 μ S
  • Mode-C- Burst II Two train per second, 250ms on, 250ms off; Pulse width and Pulse rate are selectable
  • Mode-D- Modulation I, Pulse width modulation Pulse width modulated from 100 μ S to 250 μ S within 6 seconds and then back to 100 μ S in the next 6 seconds. Pulse rate is selectable.
  • Mode-E - Modulation II, Pulse rate and Pulse width modulation. Frequency increases from 50Hz to 100Hz while pulse width decreases from 200 μ S to 60 μ S within 5 seconds. Treatment timer: continuous, 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min selectable
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