Comffit Power Bands

Item Code
Sku Strength Colour RRP Qty
CPB-YE Level 1 - 85kg Yellow $25.00
CPB-OR Level 2 - 98kg Orange $25.00
CPB-BL Level 3 - 119kg Blue $25.00
CPB-PU Level 4 - 141kg Purple $25.00

Versatile and effective tool for training and rehabilitation

  • Builds strength, tone & flexibility
  • Great for muscle building, body shaping & assisting with weight loss
  • Ideal for exercising while travelling

Use Comffit Power Bands to improve your strength and flexibility , and add variety to your regular workout. They can be used with weights to enhance resistance training or as a stand-alone tool to improve range of motion and strengthen muscles after rehabilitation from injury.

Level Colour Max Resistance
1 Yellow 85kg
2 Orange 98kg
3 Blue 119kg
4 Purple 141kg

Retail Packaging:

The Comffit Power Band comes in appealing retail packaging that outlines some sample exercises and directions.


Feed the loop through a fixed rail at the gym or home for a huge variety of lateral/standing exercises or use your body as the anchor point to work opposing muscles and limbs. Progress through the 4 resistance levels as your strength improves.

Caution: Always review the condition of your band before use. Do not use if any cuts or irregularities are present. Power bands should only be used as an adjunct to resistance training and should never be used to fully support your body weight. We recommend replacing your bands at least every 12 months. Do not store in direct sunlight. Contains latex. Made in China

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