Pressure Cushions

Pressure Cushions

  1. EquaGel® General Pressure Cushion Quickview
    EquaGel® General Pressure Cushion

    Starting at $349.00

    • Industry & DVA approved pressure reliving cushion beneficial in wound care etc
  2. EquaGel® Cushion The Protector (Thicker) Quickview
    EquaGel® Cushion The Protector (Thicker)

    Starting at $449.00

    • Industry standard skin protection and pressure relief cushion, thicker than the General model
  3. EquaGel® Cushion The Protector ADJUSTABLE Quickview
    EquaGel® Cushion The Protector ADJUSTABLE

    Starting at $549.00

    • Customized Pressure Therapy, combining comfort and posture improvement
General Cushion
  • Used when a patient is at risk
  • 2 inches high
  • Suitable for 220kg
Protector Cushion
  • Suitable for grade 1-2 injury
  • 2.5 inches high
  • Suitable for 350kg
Adjustable Cushion
  • Suitable for grade 2 and above injury
  • 2.5 inches high
  • Height/ pressure relieve is adjustable with insert wedges that fit into cushion’s pouch (1x thin & 1x thick wedge)
  • It is recommended that wedges are removed to allow for a deeper recess when managing a grade 3 and 4 pressure injury. As the wounds heals, the insert wedges can be used accordingly.
  • Suitable for up to 350kg. ,/ul>
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