Patient Mobility

  1. Pick Up Reacher - 90cm Quickview
    Pick Up Reacher - 90cm
    Special Price $35.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
  2. Rollator Economy Quickview
    Rollator Economy
    Special Price $129.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
  3. Rollator Model 426 Quickview
    Rollator Model 426
    Special Price $159.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Comfortable, lightweight but steady rollator easy storage weight capacity 125kg
  4. EquaGel® General Pressure Cushion Quickview
    EquaGel® General Pressure Cushion

    Starting at $349.00

    • Industry & DVA approved pressure reliving cushion beneficial in wound care etc
  5. EquaGel® Cushion The Protector (Thicker) Quickview
    EquaGel® Cushion The Protector (Thicker)

    Starting at $449.00

    • Industry standard skin protection and pressure relief cushion, thicker than the General model
  6. EquaGel® Cushion The Protector ADJUSTABLE Quickview
    EquaGel® Cushion The Protector ADJUSTABLE

    Starting at $549.00

    • Customized Pressure Therapy, combining comfort and posture improvement
  7. PCP Gutter Crutches Quickview
    PCP Gutter Crutches
    Special Price $109.00 Regular Price $9,999.00
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