ICB Orthotic 2/3 Orthotic Firm - Green Uncovered Junior

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WAS $ 37.00, NOW $4.00

AUS Shoe: 2-3 (Male), 3-4 (Female)

ICB Orthotics

ICB's patented Dual Density Heat Moulding Orthotics are made of 100% EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) covalently bonded, locking the two densities together to provide an integrated support and comfort system. The closed cell construction of ICB Orthotics ensures they will resist compression and distortion, and have a longer life span. It is a simple, straightforward process for the Practitioner to mould and custom fit the ICB Orthotic to effectively treat specific conditions. ICB's wide orthotic range ensures there is an orthotic to suit every patient's needs

ICB Dress Style Orthotics possess the same intrinsic angles and features as the 2/3 length orthotic, with the exception that the lateral border has been removed, making it a great choice for patients with wide feet, or narrow fitting shoes.
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