McKenzie Cervical Roll

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Most bed pillows don't support the head and the neck. The Original McKenzie® Cervical Roll provides necessary support to the cervical structures and maintains a natural curve of the cervical spine while one sleeps on the side or back. If you suffer from frequent episodes of neck pain; referred pain in the shoulders; night time neck problems; or morning pain or stiffness in the neck, your sleeping position may be at fault.

  • Placed between a pillow and the pillowcase, the cervical roll is designed to work with most conventional pillows.
  • It is affordable and portable, and it is not hot and uncomfortable or snug around the neck like a cervical night collar.
  • Made of low density foam with a removable and washable cotton/polyester cover.
  • 3 1/2" in diameter x 20" long.
  • The roll must be used with a very soft pillow (ie; feathers. According to Dr. McKenzie molded rubber or foam pillows should never be used if you have neck problems.
  • This item cannot be returned if the plastic seal is broken.
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