Thigh & Groin Supports

  1. Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap Quickview
    Pro-Tec Hamstring Compression Wrap
    Special Price $33.50 Regular Price $9,999.00
    • Alleviates conditions of a hamstring, groin or quadriceps tear or strain
  2. Pro-Tec ITB Compression Wrap Quickview
    Pro-Tec ITB Compression Wrap

    Starting at $29.50

    • Stabilizes the Iliotibial tract and it absorbs stress, reduces friction of the femoral condyle
  3. Comffit Groin Strap / Body Wrap Quickview
    Comffit Groin Strap / Body Wrap

    Starting at $17.50

    • Universal elastic stretch used as a groin strap & perfect for securing ice packs to body
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