Basset Back Lumbar Mesh Support White

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Bassett Back Support Range provides back lumbar support for lower back pain sufferers, allowing for the spine’s natural curvature.

  • Can be used in the car, office, lounge etc.
  • Allows air circulation and prevents perspiration
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry

Unfortunately, there are too few well designed seats. This includes so called “easy- chairs” and car seats which may after a time contribute towards back trouble, especially in the lumbar region and also aggravate existing problems because of incorrect posture which burdens the muscles and vertebrae with undue strain.

It has not only been useful for arthritics and patients with back injuries but also in general use for work positioning and sitting.” Due to the support given by the design. in which the vertical plane is curved, supporting the spine arid a horizontal curve, to help retain posture by supporting sideways movement.

Open mesh Allows the air to circulate, thus preventing undue perspiration, reducing clothing stain and rotting of materials while giving firm comfortable support.

  • ‘D’ shaped metal frame supports correct lumbar posture
  • mesh for good air circulation and maximum support to lower back
  • light and portable for easy transport and storage
  • strap for secure seat attachment
  • optional polar fleece cover to stop buttons catching
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